Monday, March 30, 2009

Zombie Movies You Should Watch

More supplemental reading for those interested in the gritty formation of zombie obsession. Through long periods of overexposure to the living dead by ways of the Zombie Survival Guide, zombie games, and the movies listed below, one can get a better idea of what it takes to be a hermit with a zombie obsession.

Night of the Living Dead

The obvious choice for favorite zombie movie. The Romero classic defined the American zombie and became the template for zombie movies to follow. The black and white film stock along with the slow and lumbering monstrosities create an ominous and uneasy feel to the zombie movie. This popularized the terror of a zombie panic situation and shook me in ways that few films have.

Dawn of the Dead

Another zombie movie on all enthusiast's top lists. The mall setting is a classic terrain for a zombie infestation. Being part of the original Romero zombie trilogy, it features the same staggering zombies that became a staple in the zombie community. The 2004 remake of this zombie movie is wonderful as well.

28 Days Later

One of the first zombie movies offering an alternative depiction of the creature. In 28 Days Later, zombies are displayed as infected beings instead of rotting re-animated corpses.Artsy in addition to being filled with gore, 28 Days Later is not the crude slaughter fest that most zombie movies are. It helped to redefine what is considered terrifying traits of zombie behavior and blurred the line as to what we consider a zombie. The sequel wasn't too bad either and featured some of the best cinematic shots ever witnessed in zombie film.

Dellamorte Dellamore (Cemetery Man)

An awesome zombie movie with plenty of disturbing images and a large body count. The movie is set apart by the fact that the zombie population is confined to a graveyard. The imminent harm in which the characters wander into give this zombie movie a unique "what the fuck are these people thinking?" charm. The elements of gore and emotionally unsettling images will shake even the most avid zombie fan boy. Dellamorte Dellamore also has some sort of philosophical quandary that gives this zombie movie a deeper meaning that simple tits and guts. However, I have yet to decipher it, the tits and guts were enough for me.


If you haven't seen Re-Animator immediately check it out. H.P. Lovecraft's book Herbert West: Re-Animator along with the rest of his works. Once you've learned of his bad-assery, check out Re-Animator. This is another one of those zombie movies that entices you to think while offering plenty of boobs and brains to entertain you in the meantime. This zombie movie may completely redefine your stance on zombie ethics. The sequel titled Beyond Re-Animator is worth watching as well.

Shaun of the Dead

Sometimes we need to laugh away the horror that a night filled with flesh eating zombies can bring. Leaning heavily toward the humorous side of the zombie film, Shaun of the Dead is one of the better zombie movies-period. Shaun of the Dead has great blend of slapstick and dry zombie humor with plenty of gore to back it up. I don't know how it happened, but the U.K. makes one hell of a zombie movie.

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