Monday, March 30, 2009

Zombie Games You Should Play

It had recently dawned upon me that in order for any of my readers to relate to me they should know how I formed my zombie obsession. Here are some zombie games that you should play or at least know a little bit about in order to get an idea of where I'm coming from. Below is a list of the games that have fueled my zombie obsession. I haven't had a zombie free dream since before Left 4 Dead was released in November 2008, by the way.

Resident Evil

I was about 15 when I first played this game. I was absolutely petrified of zombies at the time; this game made me unable to sleep for days after first glimpse. It was Resident Evil that incited my hunger for zombie games and fueled my obsession to defeat the living dead.

Resident Evil 2

The sequel to the game that started my zombie obsession. Resident Evil 2 offered Better gameplay and an even more horrifying environment. Although not as emotionally impacting as the original, it was still a wonderful addition to my growing collection of zombie media. I have yet to complete the game and it tears at my very being.

Dead Rising

Dead Rising was the first game I purchased for XBox 360 after a long hiatus from zombie games and culture. It rekindled my love for the genre and molded me into the zombie fanatic I am today. Many a long hour was spent mercilessly slaying zombies in blissful blood lust.

Left 4 Dead

The long anticipated multiplayer zombie killing experience. Unsure of the actual release date, long nights driving to every Seven Eleven in the Detroit Metro area left me unsatisfied until its appearance at Best Buy. Valve's brilliant attempt at zombie survival. Left 4 Dead ensured that my love for zombies is eternal.

Resident Evil 5

After a long break from the Resident Evil bloodline, the most recent installment of the zombie panic series again caught my attention. The seamless transition from zombie survival to zombie action along with the co-op function makes Resident Evil 5 a breakthrough in the series. It will leave many zombie enthusiasts disappointed, but not this one.

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