Monday, March 30, 2009

Dead Rising 2: More Zombies for Your Buck

The latest in zombie game news is the ridiculous capacity for on screen zombies that Dead Rising 2 has to offer. Capcom's Dead Rising does not live up to the zombie game glory that is the Resident Evil series, but was nonetheless a humorous and oftentimes horrifying zombie panic.

Dead Rising 2 is said to have the capacity to render 6000 on screen characters at a time, which would basically shatter the record. 6k zombies are enough to horrify any player as well as any graphic designer. The game also offers over 800 costume designs for the zombies including showgirls and zombified high rollers.

According to the original article Blue Castle games is making this their primary action.

Zombie Flashback

The original Dead Rising was one of the more creative zombie games for its time in the sense that virtually anything and everything could be used as a weapon. While it was truly a spectacle to see juiced out photojournalist Frank West swing a gumball machine like a wiffle ball bat, the game itself was renowned for the number of characters it could render without slowing down.

Dead Rising was great for mindless zombie extermination with a plethora of different weapons. It took awhile, but the novelty did wear off and players would be forced to resort to unlocking achievements which were impossible. Yes I said impossible, if you've gotten a shot of the PP sticker in the back of Chris' Fine Foods I demand to know how. Despite the meticulously difficult achievements, Dead Rising was without a doubt a great zombie game.

If Dead Rising 2 hits the goal of 6,000 characters, it will be a true feat in the zombie gaming world. Most people probably don't even want to know what that many zombies looks like, but here's a taste.

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