Thursday, March 26, 2009

Zombie Movie Marathon Part 1

I've made it a morbidly unhealthy point to watch as many zombie movies as possible before going to sleep. This unhealthy practice will ensure that my dreams involve blood soaked zombie panic, guaranteeing that I will consistently wake up in a cold sweat.

Netflix makes this seemingly difficult task a breeze and allows me to subject unsuspecting (yet sometimes excited) roommates to the routine as well. There's nothing like a good (bad) zombie movie to remind people that I am simply not wired right. Laughing hysterically while fellow viewers hide their heads in disgust make me wonder how I became so deranged.

The first choice of zombie movies for this night was the remake of "Day of the Dead".

Day of the Dead(2008) Classic Zombie Panic

"Day of the Dead" was first on the chopping block. Only after having started the movie did I notice that Nick Cannon was in the cast. My finger remained poised on the stop button, yet I let the zombie movie play when I saw Ving Rhames in the credits.

The movie proved to rank among one of the better classic Romero zombie movie remakes. As is consistent with the remake of "Dawn of the Dead", the updated and more visually appealing zombie panic was far from a butchery of the original film. The zombies were gruesomely convincing and weren't the least bit cheese, while the death sequences were graphic and much to my satisfaction.

This particular zombie panic was a simple contraction of a mutated biological virus which had gone awry. The premise was not very original, but then again, how many different ways do zombies arise, and who really cares? Again, as is the case in the Dawn of the Dead remake, the zombies of "Day of the Dead" have received a speed boost which add to the horror. The zombie movie adopted the aspect of such movies as Fido in which each zombie retains a fraction of its human tendencies. The vegetarian zombie was a nice touch.

Obviously Ving Rhames was as hard ass as ever, while Nick Cannon filled his role nicely as a complete ass hat of an army soldier. To my surprise I didn't mind him playing one of the main roles despite his obnoxious dialogue and was the slightest bit sad after seeing him mauled by a swarm of zombies.

The ending was pretty atypical in a few people escape and a lone zombie attacks the camera man, nothing special. However, as far as zombie movies go, "Day of the Dead" has it all: a large body count of humans being disemboweled by zombies, plenty of zombie heads being blown off, horrible dialogue, and supplemental plot.

Day of the Dead receives a crisp endorsement from myself and is a zombie movie that even individuals with good taste in movies will be able to watch without complaining (too much).

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