Monday, March 23, 2009

Resident Evil 5

The original zombie panic inducing zombie survival romp that is Resident Evil and it's wonderfully horrifying sequel are far buried in the days of PlayStation. These glorious zombie games are now unfortunately drink coasters at best.

Luckily, Resident Evil 5 is a worth installment in the zombie panic bloodline. Although the novelty as well as the suspense does not match that of its predecessors, Resident Evil 5 is an acceptable cure for people like myself who constantly crave new and unique zombie slaying experiences.

Unlike the previous games of the series, Resident Evil 5 is multi player. The co-op feature allows you and your closest fellow zombie survival nut to team up and face the frustration together. The two playable characters in story mode are Chris Redfield and his sidekick Sheva Alomar; member of the B.S.A.A. and Rhianna look-alike.

In Resident Evil 5, villain Albert Wesker of the original zombie game has returned with a diabolic scheme to accelerate natural selection by spreading the Uroboros virus globally. As a result of watching The Matrix one too many times, the new and improved Wesker has developed a sinister plan of global terror and zombie panic, learned kung-fu and purchased a trench coat. The nostalgic villain is a great antagonist for Resident Evil 5 and proves to be a challenging foe.

The original T-Virus which caused the zombie panic the Arclay Mountains of Resident Evil has undergone plenty of mutations since becoming the Uroboros Virus that appears in Resident Evil 5. The zombies display many of the characteristics of the zombies from the first installment of the series, but are able to communicate, wield weapons, and apparently drive armored cars.

The enhanced zombie A.I. makes the enemies slightly more difficult than previous Resident Evil zombies, but the transition from zombie survival to zombie action that the series has undergone diminishes most of the real challenge. Ammunition is more plentiful in Resident Evil 5. Everyone who has played zombie games knows that lack of ammunition is certain death and proves to be the most challenging aspect of zombie survival.

Resident Evil 5: True Zombie Survival Joy

Resident Evil 5 has kept most of the basic mechanics that made us love as well as loathe the series. After 10+ years our heroes still have not learned how to run and shoot or move as though they are human beings. You would think after all of living in perpetual zombie panic, that Chris Redfield would have learned fluid motion and moving as though he weren't on wheels.

Resident Evil 5 programmers insist that the mechanics of the game add to the difficulty factor, but they simply piss players off after awhile. It's maddening that despite their decrepit state, the zombies display movement far superior than that of our heroes.

Regardless, Resident Evil 5 is still a horrific zombie survival romp through an infected African environment complete with gruesome deaths and tons of replay value. As you may expect, in order to unlock all of the achievements as well as the bonus features, the game must be played through a jillion times.

The game also features the mercenaries mode which began in Resident Evil: Nemesis. Mercenaries mode is a nerve racking mosh pit of zombies with a time constraint. Various time and score extensions can be found through items within each level. One could easily piss away 80 hours turning zombie heads into canoes in a hysterical zombie panic in order to unlock the slew of supplemental characters.

Although Resident Evil 5 is not a horribly difficult game, the achievements on XBox 360 can easily rob you of an entire week of human interaction, while the mercenaries mode will keep you isolated for another week or two. Just remember to eat and drink plenty of water; don't endure the addictive zombie survival of Resident Evil 5 only to succumb to a death from dehydration.

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