Tuesday, March 24, 2009

Resident Evil 5 Mercenaries Mode

The Resident Evil 5 mercenaries mode is a truly wonderful waste of real life experience in the midst of zombie panic. Slaying relentless waves of zombies ensures a blood soaked, zombie survival experience.

This is the Resident Evil 5 mode that allows true zombie game customization (sort of). All of the players that you wish to annihilate zombies with in story mode can be unlocked in mercenaries mode.

The first two playable characters are Chris Redfield and Sheva Alomar, but such lovable faces as Jill Valentine and Albert Wesker also make an appearance to the zombie panic masquerade.

As previously described, Resident Evil 5's mercenary mode involves being dropped into a nerve shattering zombie panic with a seemingly endless zombie population which the player is expected to dispatch. The timed zombie panic cluster fuck can be extended with pick ups found throughout the level.

A rank is designated based on performance at the end of the level provided that your insides are still intact by the timer's expiration based on how well you executed zombie survival. A certain rank is required (40,000 points for single player, 80,000 points for co-op) in order to unlock supplemental characters.

Each character in the Resident Evil 5 mercenaries mode begins the game with set items in fixed quantities as well as unique melee attacks. Some characters even have the foresight to bring healing supplies while others have more gung-ho ass in the breeze attitude to facing the zombie panic.

Unlockable characters include Jill Valentine (BSAA outfit, battle suit outfit), Albert Wester (midnight outfit, S.T.A.R.S. outfit), Chris Redfield (fruity ass safari outfit, S.T.A.R.S. outfit), and Sheva Alomar (buy her a drink and punch her in the face clubbin' outfit, tribal outfit).

Having the pesky commitment of employment, I have only unlocked a handful of characters and have only religiously used Mr. Albert Wesker. His magnum, ridiculous sunglasses and Jackie Chan zombie kung-fu bullshit are all effective tools in the event of zombie panic.

Resident Evil 5 Mercenaries Mode: A Zombie Macabre

The game play of the Resident Evil 5 mercenaries mode is equivalent to a zombie game that makes you feel like a true warrior when your stress level isn't so high that you're chain smoking and hollering at fictional characters directly in front of your roommates. The congestion of the zombie panic can get quite frustrating at times and so does the zombies ability to pivot like Charles Barkley on a 360 degree axis while swinging a shovel.

I have also found the solo mode to be much easier as it only leaves one person the opportunity to be impaled by a giant cockroach or shoot an oil drum while standing too close. The co-op mode is loads of fun, but not very conducive to unlocking characters. The need to migrate across the level in order to find victims and pickups result in a cooperative zombie disaster where it is near impossible to keep track of your partner; the self resuscitation capability in single player makes the zombie survival much easier.

Even if you're not a masochistic zombie game player such as myself, the challenge of slaying a ton of zombies within a certain amount of time is quite entertaining. Resident Evil 5 mercenaries mode basically skips the foreplay of a story and cuts straight to the murderous zombie panic situation in a manner similar to Left 4 Dead.

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