Tuesday, March 31, 2009

Left 4 Dead Becomes Left 5 Dead

I recently stumbled upon promotional pictures developed by photographic novel stuido Night Zero depicting their own Left 4 Dead photo shoot.

The characters in Left 4 Dead have become icons in the gaming world, specifically in the vein of zombie survival. Players of Left 4 Dead can recognize the idiosyncrasies that each survivor of the zombie game possesses. These unique traits have been widely popularized by the gaming community and made the characters of Left 4 Dead zombie survival icons.

The photo shoot depicts the survivors accurately down to every detail in hilarious fashion. Bill, Francis, Louis, and Zoey are perfect human incarnations of the Left 4 Dead characters. The resemblance is so striking that it's almost baffling. The shoot has an added 5th survivor which I believe is Cliff, the plucky crane operator with a heart of gold.

I found the 'startling the witch' photo the most brilliantly shot photo of the entire bunch. It sheds some light on what the witch looked like before being zombified, which is apparently smoking fuckin hot. The entire cast of zombie survivors were accurately depicted, and I found Bill the best replication of the Left 4 Dead zombie game character model.

A few of the blogs that I stumbled across made mention of a motion picture based on the game, alas from what I gathered from the Night Zero site, the function was merely homage to the zombie survival horror of Left 4 Dead.

It's a wonderful feeling to know that zombie obsession is leaking into every aspect of media. Perhaps with enough demand, Night Zero will extrapolate upon their photo shoot and film some sort of Left 4 Dead movie. Fans of Left 4 Dead will take some acclimation time to accept Cliff's "Deliverance", feel, but I imagine the zombie movie would be met with success.

Night Zero: Illustrated Zombie Panic

Night Zero is a photo comic book that is produced in Seattle, WA and incorporates elements of writing, acting, photography, digital art, and film. The novel is set to a background of zombie panic and follows the lives of survivors within Seattle. The setting is somewhat similar to the gated community featured at the end of I Am Legend coupled with the widespread zombie infection of Left 4 Dead.

Night Zero is available on their website as a web comic and is updated every Monday, Wednesday, and Friday. There is also supplemental reading including a blog. The unique styling of Night Zero is a great addition to the library of any zombie fanatic and is a perfect zombie survival companion for fans of Left 4 Dead.

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