Monday, March 30, 2009

Left 4 Dead Tops 2.5 Million Copies Sold

Valve's Left 4 Dead has topped 2.5 million sales worldwide since its November 2008 release. It's no surprise that Left 4 Dead is a huge hit in the gaming world. The Source engine implemented by Valve in such game as Half Life and Counterstrike has always been at the forefront of dynamic FPS physics.

As far as zombie survival games go, Left 4 Dead has everything that gamers are looking for. The online capabilities and capacity to play as survivors as well as zombies give the game a new way of obliterating opponents. The differing styles of play from human to zombie require more thought than the pray and spray shoot em up tactics necessary in other FPS games.

The multiplayer game of the year's success is no surprise given Valve's previous track record in producing award winning games. This particular zombie panic masterpiece requires limited skill to learn but ridiculous amounts of precision and planning in order to master. The comprehensive teamwork angle required in Left 4 Dead give the title deeper mechanics than a lot of zombie games and create a more realistic scenario for zombie survival. One could almost say that is an accurate depiction of zombie panic and a good indicator of how successful many players would be at circumventing such a scenario.

Left 4 Dead Applications

The phenomenon and causal increase of popularity in the vein of zombie survival and zombie games may be a contributing factor to the success of Left 4 Dead. Zombie memorabilia such as the Zombie Survival Guide have made the cult zombie following more mainstream (about 1 in 3 people I associate with own the Zombie Survival Guide,(zombie obsessed or not).

Who will you associate with in the event of zombie panic? Left 4 Dead competitive ladder teams sponsored by Major League Gaming have become one of the more popular events in the gaming world. I know that in the event of zombie apocalypse, I will be gathering my Left 4 Dead ladder team immediately along with friends who have investigated the field of zombie survival. The likelihood of zombie infestation is undoubtedly part of the appeal and massive cult following of the zombie culture. Zombie games such as Left 4 Dead may be seen by some as an obtuse exaggeration of a baffling cult following, while to others it is a depiction of the horror which could someday befall mankind. Regardless of how real one views the scenario to be, Left 4 Dead is at very least a wildly entertaining journey through a sea of vicious zombie foes.

With downloadable content on every platform set to be released in April, now is the perfect time to become a part of the Left 4 Dead infection and become involved in one of the biggest gaming phenomenons in recent history. If you already happen to be part of the Left 4 Dead community and are looking for a more in depth zombie slaughtering experience, hit me up on my Left 4 Dead team profile. Also looking for tips on optimized zombie survival as well as what type of zombie news interests you. Join us, don't be afraid.

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