Friday, April 3, 2009

Zombie Strippers: Enough Said

I recently received a bootlegged German copy of Zombie Strippers. I was pleased to discover that it was everything that I'd hoped for. Zombies, strippers, Jenna Jameson, and Robert Englund; now we're talking. From a strictly zombie movie standpoint, this is one of the greatest. Spoiler alert like mad.

In the near future, when a genetically engineered chemo-virus begins turning strippers into wildly popular zombie exhibitionists, the remaining 'living' strippers must struggle with the temptation to undergo the irreversible change. These super undead strippers obviously begin biting sleazy strip club goers which leads to a zombie outbreak.

Proprietor of the gentleman's club called The Rhino (apparently a reference to an allegorical play) Ian (Robert Englund) is faced with a painful dilemma. Zombie strippers are raking in the cash, but are turning patrons into flesh-eating zombie douche bags. Ian does what any respectable entrepreneur would do and locks the infected in a jail cell and keeps the zombified striptease going. No way this situation going straight to hell, right? I can't imagine how boring zombie movies would be if the characters had foresight.

As you've probably guessed, the zombie gentlemen escape and panic ensues. The few remaining survivors band together armed with a stockpile of guns and the show begins. humans vs. zombies, zombies vs. zombies, mankind vs. the underworld, Roe vs. Wade, it's got it all my friend. Eventually super bad ass Sargent Boobs and some other asshole come in with backup and go publisher's clearing house on the the zombies (Hiyoooh), and that's it.

As Far as Zombie Movies Go

Zombie Strippers is hardly Casablanca, but as far as recent zombie films go, it might as well be. It's got everything, tons of nudity, swarms of zombies, and a hearty amount of gore. The wonderful thing about Zombie Strippers is that these elements are usually displayed simultaneously. Yup, naked zombies tearing people's faces off.

The zombies fit the classic Romero archetype, but even more lethargic than zombies you will find in Night of the Living Dead. The visuals are amazing; the zombies look wonderfully hideous and there are some scenes which actually come close to offending me, which is hard. The movie is saturated with absolutely cheeky and awful dialogue, but it is presented in a manner that lets you know that they can't even take themselves seriously.

Zombie movies are one of the few genres of film that simply cannot be taken seriously. If you're looking for brilliant screenplay, poetic dialogue, and heartwarming character development, you're in the wrong place. If you're looking for a macabre that will likely make you go "what the fuck?" with a lot of frequency, check out Zombie Strippers. It's bad, but bad in a good way...and a bad way...but also good in a bad way. Yeah, it's that good.


  1. I actually bought this movie and it was pretty much what I expected..A B zombie movie. The gore was pretty good and I did make it all the way through this one...One of the better B movies :)

  2. I'll add it to my must-see list.