Friday, April 10, 2009

Zombie Hunters

The Zombie Hunters is one of the more compelling zombie comics available on the web. The story follows a team of zombie hunters in an old fashioned zombie outbreak situation. The comic possesses the humorous charm of Penny Arcade coupled with the tense feel of Night Zero.

The characters are dynamic and there is a lot of story behind what could just as easily be a shallow frame by frame gore fest. Zombie Hunters is a perfect slip into oblivion during a stressful daily malaise. The comic is sprinkled with what I can almost certainly decipher as zombie game humor and references. I mean come on, people inclined enough to write a zombie comic have probably shot a few zombie heads to shit in their day, right?

Having just become part of the readership, I can't actually give you the play by play, nor do I feel obligated to do so. Simply put, Zombie Hunters is a brilliantly designed web comic that zombie fans will undoubtedly get undead mahogany over. Just make sure to devote enough time to life's necessities before plunging too far into the abyss. Sleep and jobs are important, I think.


  1. Went to but couldn't find the actual comic, just some artwork and rules of engagement. What am I missing, here?

  2. Its Just select the very first comic and enjoy as you scroll thru them.

  3. its such a good read! i stumbled onto it and read the entire thing in an hour ahah.