Saturday, April 4, 2009

Your New Favorite Zombie Game

There has never been a better time to suffer from zombie obsession. Companies have been producing zombie games like caged rabbits on Viagra. The newest zombie game simply called Zombie Apocalypse is as accurately described as the love child of Burn Zombie Burn! and Left 4 Dead.

The dual stick shooter will be as you may have previously guessed, a zombie survival situation. Three other survivors teamed up with your pretty zombie murdering ass will have to fight of a fuck ton of zombies over the course of several (I guess by several they mean 55) days. Rumors of chainsaws and a cooperative multiplayer mode have surfaced, likely making this 3D bird's-eye zombie panic, your new favorite zombie game. The parent pissing off "Postal" of earlier years, that's the closest I can equivacate the layout of Zombie Apocalypse with its perspective and blood soaked landscape.

It's going to be a long 55 day zombie ass jam, so bring a friend, plenty of aspirin, and plenty of fortitude.

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